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FRS is a global company that deals with replica watches. We are established under strict and tight customer values. We regard the cutomer as the supreme stakeholder when it comes to service delivery. We are a company that follows through with the customer to ensure satisfaction and loyalty. FRS is a distinguished watch mirrors company that ensures style and quality since its inception. We tirelessly seek to provide and deliver to the customers' expectations. The company is founded on the philosophy that quality service equals a satisfied customer.

We pride ourselves in the values of ' made to last' quality and genuineness. These positive key values to service delivery have allowed the company to shine in all the countries it is operating. We ensure after-sales service to our customers. Our staff is spread across different outlets and is highly qualified to serve the cutomers with the best there is . Our website allows customers to post their queries, complaints or place their orders for action.

For every product we offer to our customers, we pay maximum attention to customer specifications,fitting and quality of service. This requires our employees to be caring and have a taste for customer loyalty. We always make inqueries from our our customers about their perception on the service given and the product offered. Through this way, we strive to ensuring we collect customer views for an improved service delivery. FRS is keen and well on track to changing trends in the market and product.

Our objectives
FRS is founded on 2 key objectives:
1. To offer quality replica watches.
2. To ensure the customer is satisfied.

Our core values : Anchored in our objectives
1. Quality Product and service
2. Team work
3. Accountability and professionalism
4. Ethics and integrity.

Our Products
FRS is committed to giving the customer a wide array of quality faux watches to choose from. Our products can be customized upon request. We offer the fairest prices for quality products. We stock both male and female fitting watches of all the sizes depending on our customers' needs.
1. Rolex
This type of watch has many enticing collaborations and themes. It is a perfect size which can fit in any wrist, be it big or small. It is made of stainless steel bits which are designed by the professionals and offer different colors to choose from. It is a waterproof watch commonly liked and used by divers.
.2. Omega Aqua Terra
This is an elegant watch design. It is simply a stunning Omega watch which is attractive quality by make. It comes with different customer favorite colors.
3. The Hublot variety
Hublot is one of the most coveted brands around, and many collectors admire it. It is a quality, fairly priced watch which fits well in many wrists. It is a fantastic time piece watch to wear, and its surface is sleek.
4. Tag Heuer
This is incredibly cool watch also comes in different sizes. It is a luxurious sporty watch. It is worn mostly by people to show off their versatile sporty dress and style. The pieces are made of high class craftsmanship and require good care and maintenance.
5. Breit Ling
This type of watch gives our customers an every day look. The brand is durable. The watch has a stunning appearance, ever in style and a type that is coveted most in the globe. It is commonly worn and highly preferred by men due to its unique design and size. We can however customize to fit women.
6. Cartier watches. These are stainless types. They are elegant imitated watches with their preference group being ladies. They come in different designs, sizes and colors.

Our Service Charter.
FRS has a customer-oriented service delivery charter which every employee of the company is bound to adhere to. Customers who place their orders online will be served on a first come first serve basis. We procure our replica Rolex watches in unite states directly from the manufacturers through a Just in Time baseline. Customized products will be delivered within the prescribed time. Customer complaints are priotized to any company activity. We have customer care and website platforms through which the complaints are addressed efficiently and effectively. Our outlets across the regions we operate in have distinct distribution channels of our products which are anchored on our objectives and core values.