How to pay for Replicas via PayPal?

What is PayPal?
PayPal, as we all know, is a reputed online merchant to pay for online services which were established in the year 1998. It beats the traditional way of paper payments. It is very convenient and safe for the customers to transfer money. PayPal is a trusted online payment and many of the vendors and organisations use it to pay and receive money. It is completely safe for making an international or a national payment easily. With just a few clicks it is done you don’t have to go out of your house and make the payment.

Why PayPal?
PayPal has changed the old ways of payment and come as a blessing for online vendors, merchants and auction sites. There was a time when people used to accept money only via the Western Union, which required a lot of work, one had to go to a Western Union centre and transfer money from there as that was one of the trusted and secure ways for money transfer.

What are Replicas?
Just as PayPal the tradition of online replica watches also took a lift, there have been many vendors and online sites that sell first-hand copies or what we call in a layman’s language the replicas. These look exactly like the original products but they are not the original products.
These copies are very famous in the Chinese market, as they are the pioneer in the replica market. For the vendors of these faux products, the most trusted and secure way to get money from the customers for their goods is through PayPal and it is just the same for the customers as well. But there were a lot of malpractices noticed in this system.

PayPal Banned Replicas
A lot of scammers in China and few of the vendors used to send low-quality goods and some used to send empty boxes to the customers. This was a huge setback for the customers as they couldn’t act upon it, as they had paid the money already. This resulted in a loss of name and money for PayPal, also the sale of genuine brands declined because the faux products were inexpensive and similar to the original brands.
This resulted in PayPal blocking all the replica websites and fake brands selling companies from their list. So from 2008 onwards any brands of or transactions with words like a replica, fake were taken off from the PayPal’s trusted vendor lists.

How to Pay for Replica with PayPal?
There were few guidelines set for the payment through PayPal for swiss fake watches. The vendors from their end should stop putting words like fake, imitation, replica etc, or else PayPal would just take them off.
Few steps for making an easy payment for replicas using PayPal in FRS,
Don’t include words like Fake, Replica etc
Don’t fake brand names
Don’t include the name of the replica website
Don’t give out information, like “send us email for any feedback” this could cause suspicion

So if you follow few of these tips on your PayPal ad then you would not attract any suspicion and can continue your business. The main idea is to keep it real and work genuinely.